Friday, September 20, 2019

High Tek Red Sox

A member of one of the trading forums actually lives just half an hour from me.  I have not met him personally yet, but we have made a number of deals over the years.  This most recent one added a bunch of High Tek singles to my collection.  Behold:
Several of these are from 2018, though the Pedroia and the first row of Betts cards are from 2017.  This knocked off most of the remaining singles from those base sets off of my wantlist.  The first Benintendi in the second row is the rarest card, serial-numbered to just 50.  I have always liked the Tek sets.  Obviously the Sandy Alomar Jr. stuff from 1998 is my big priority (with the Varitek stuff a close second), but I have always wanted a complete run of one player. 

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