Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some Random Singles from Beckett's Marketplace

Every once in awhile I like to take a little shopping trip through the Beckett Marketplace.  Typically I target one or two sellers with large inventories and pick out a bunch of random Red Sox cards.  The below are the results of one recent trip:
1.  2005 Diamond Kings Keith Foulke.  It is too bad that most people only remember Foulke struggling in 2005 and 2006.  Foulke was a massive part of the Red Sox incredible postseason in 2004 and could have easily won the ALCS or World Series MVP awards.  He was that good.

2.  2010 Topps Attax Mike Cameron.  This was previously on my Top Ten Most Wanted.  Cameron did not do much in Boston but I still like picking up cards anyway.

3.  1998 Bowman's Best Donnie Sadler.  I liked Sadler and wish he would have succeeded.  He had great speed and was a very good defensive player, but he did not hit at the Major League level.  

4.  1998 Fleer Tradition Donnie Sadler.

5.  1999 Private Stock Dennis Eckersley.  I need to go through and make a list of the Pacific card I still need.  This was one.

6.  1999 Private Stock PS-206 Dennis Eckersley.  As you will soon see, I picked up a ton of Eck cards in this package.

7.  2005 Bowman's Best Matt Van Der Bosch.  Another failed prospect.  This was on my Want List.

8.  1996 Ultra Gold Medallion Stan Belinda.  Belinda was a great player in 1995 but was largely unnoticed.

9.  1996 Stadium Club Members Only The 50 John Valentin.  I have been picking up a bunch of Valentin cards lately.  He had some great seasons for the Red Sox but was quickly forgotten.  Most of this was due to the fact that he immediately preceded Nomar Garciaparra.
10.  1993 Upper Deck Gold Hologram Carlos Quintana.  The Gold Hologram cards were from the factory sets.

11.  1993 Stadium Club Members Only Carlos Quintana.  I have mentioned it before, but I was a big fan of Quintana when I first started getting into baseball.

12.  1993 Stadium Club John Valentin.  What a great shot.  Stadium Club had some awesome photography.

13.  1993 Pinnacle John Valentin.

14.  1989 Score Dennis Boyd.  "Oil Can" is easily one of the greatest nicknames of all time.  Another great photo here.

15.  1984 Fleer Dennis Eckersley.  As I said before, I picked up a ton of Eck cards.

16.  1984 Donruss Dennis Eckersley.  Eck definitely had his own style when it came to his windup.

17.  1984 Donruss Rich Gedman.  Gedman was an underrated catcher in the 1980's.

18.  1984 Donruss Oil Can Boyd.  His rookie card.  I was missing a bunch of 1984 Donruss cards.
19.  1981 Topps Stickers Dennis Eckersley.

20.  1983 Donruss Dennis Eckersley.

21.  1982 Fleer Dennis Eckersley.

22.  1982 Donruss Dennis Eckersley.

23.  1981 Fleer Star Stickers Dennis Eckersley.

24.  1981 Donruss Dennis Eckersley.  See what I mean about the Eck cards?  I had some holes in my collection.

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