Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red Sox With No Cards Pts. 5 and 6: Alex Cole and Milt Cuyler

I could only find this picture of either of these two outfielders so I elected to combine them both into one post.  Yes that play was as bad as it looks in this picture.

I always liked Alex Cole.  It was probably the goggles.  He also possessed a ton of speed, stealing more than 25 bases in four seasons.  He bounced around a lot before finally making his Major League debut with the Indians in 1990 but he had cards with the Cardinals and Padres despite never playing Major League games with either team.  He continued to bounce around for a couple of years before showing up in Boston in 1996.  He played in 24 games with Boston, hitting .222/.296/.319 with five stolen bases.  Unfortunately despite having cards with two teams he never played a Major League game with, he does not have any Red Sox cards, despite playing 24 games with them.  He does have a minor league card for Pawtucket.

Cuyler was always a player from whom big things were expected.  He was a top prospect with the Tigers in the early 1990's.  In 1991 he looked like he would meet those expectations, but his numbers declined the next year and he never had that kind of season again.  Cuyler was released by the Tigers after the 1995 season and caught on with Boston.  He played 50 games for Boston with a .200/.299/.300 line with two home runs and seven stolen bases.  He did not even have a minor league card.

Alex Cole and Milt Cuyler were two very fast outfielders who were expected to be stars for their respective teams in the early 1990's.  Neither of them met their expectations and both found themselves in Boston in 1996.  However neither one were able to hold onto a job.  And neither appear in a Boston Red Sox uniform on any cards.

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