Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No More Waiting Til Next Year

Recently I had the occasion to make a trade with another blogger.  Tom from Waiting 'Til Next Year posted some cards he got from the recent Archives promotion and included among those cards was the Jacoby Ellsbury.  I knew my chances of getting any Red Sox from this was pretty slim so I approached him about a trade and we managed to work something out.

Before we begin, he actually found one of the cards from my Top Ten.  Unfortunately it was one that was just purchased and I had it coming in.  Nevertheless, I really appreciated the care in finding stuff that I needed.
1.  2013 Topps Archives Day Glo Jacoby Ellsbury.  I have no idea why these cards keep coming off as pink on my scanner.  They are actually retina-scarring orange.  This is the card that started it all and I am thrilled to get it.

2.  2009 Tristar Obak Mini Junichi Tazawa.  I love that Tazawa is pitching well this season and being used a lot because it means that maybe, just maybe, there will be some more cards of him.  There are very few right now.  

3.  2009 Tristar Obak Junichi Tazawa.  With these two, I have doubled my cards of Tazawa.

4.  2009 Tristar Obak Lars Anderson.  Anderson was still expected to be the first baseman of the future at this point.  It did not work out.

5.  2009 Tristar Obak Ted Williams.  This card depicts Ted playing for the San Diego Padres, the minor league team in the 1930's that also produced Bobby Doerr and the DiMaggio brothers.

6.  2012 Triple Play Focus Dustin Pedroia.  I am not the biggest fan of Triple Play in its latest incarnation.  That being said, my love for cards outranks my dislike of individual sets.  I will definitely accept Triple Play in trades, I just likely won't buy them myself.

7.  2012 Triple Play Adrian Gonzalez.

8.  2012 Triple Play Dustin Pedroia.

9.  2012 Triple Play Jacoby Ellsbury.

10.  2013 Triple Play David Ortiz.

11.  2012 Triple Play Sticker Adrian Gonzalez.

12.  2012 Topps Opening Day Jon Lester.  I had a bunch of 2012 Opening Day on my wantlist.  Tom apparently looked at it and nailed the rest of the set that I needed.

13.  2012 Topps Opening Day Carl Crawford.  I just love this picture.

14.  2012 Topps Opening Day Josh Beckett.

15.  2012 Topps Opening Day Kevin Youkilis.

16.  2011 Topps Opening Day Mascots Wally the Green Monster.  Mascots are another thing that I don't typically seek out myself but am perfectly happy to add to my collection some other way.

17.  2012 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations Jacoby Ellsbury.  This one I love.  I like this insert set a lot.

18.  1992 Topps Kids Mike Greenwell.  Greenwell is one of my favorite players from the late 80's/early 90's.  He had a couple of great seasons early in his career and was just a consistent player for years afterwards.

19.  1988 Fleer Baseball's Best Roger Clemens.

20.  2013 Bowman Hometown/International William Cuevas.

21.  2012 Bowman International Brandon Jacobs.  I hope Jacobs can turn things around.  Since his breakthrough 2011 season, he has struggled significantly.

22.  2013 Bowman Chrome Cream of the Crop Bryce Brentz.  My second card from this insert set, I just need three more.  Anyone have them?

Thanks a ton for the trade Tom!

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  1. I'm glad the cards made it safely. That Ted Williams caught me off guard at first. I always find it interesting to learn about how some minor league teams became major league teams.

    Thanks for a fun trade!