Sunday, March 31, 2013

Showing Off Again

Tonight I am showing off my favorite Wade Boggs card.  As I have mentioned before on this blog, Boggs was my first favorite player.  I only got to watch him for two years and one of those years was 1992, which was easily the worst year of his career.  Boggs was great in 1991 though so it was not all bad.

After he retired, I started getting a lot of cards of him again.  I added this one after he was elected to the Hall of Fame.  I figured at that point I needed an autograph of him.  The patch was just gravy.  It is from a Red Sox road uniform in the 1980's when they went with a pretty boring uniform.

I always wanted to go to Cooperstown when a big Red Sox player was elected.  Boggs was one of the options I considered.  Unfortunately, I was still in law school at the time, so I could not make it to Cooperstown to watch this one.  Maybe when Pedro gets elected...

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