Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Failed Prospects Pt. 13: Juan Pena

Juan Pena was once one of Boston's most highly-touted pitching prospects.  He ended up making his Major League debut in 1999 after performing well for a few years in the minors.  He made it into two games for the Red Sox and performed really well.  He won both of his starts, pitching 13 innings in the two starts while striking out 15 and walking three.  His ERA was a remarkable 0.69.  It was really an incredible start to his career.

Unfortunately that was pretty much it for Pena.  He missed the entire 2000 season due to injuries.  He was never the same after that.  He continued to pitch in the Red Sox system for another couple of years before moving to the Blue Jays system.  He never made it back to the Major Leagues though.

Injuries did Pena in.  It's a shame.  He had a very promising start.

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