Sunday, March 17, 2019

Zippy-Zapped from the Land of the Rising Sun

In the midst of the big flooding I received a package from the great Kenny, the Zippy-Zapper himself.  This one was full of a bunch of new stuff for me, including a few wantlist hits.  Just a terrific package.
The first three cards include a failed prospect in Lars Anderson (who has remained in the public eye with some truly funny musings on baseball for various sites), a refractor of Adrian Gonzalez, and a minor league card of an even bigger bust in Kolbrin Vitek, one of the worst first-round picks Boston has made in a long time.  The rest of the cards are the truly interesting part of the package.  You might notice the colors seem just a little bit off.  I did, and came across quite the shock after turning them over.  This is the back of the Pedro card:
Yes, all of the rest of the cards, and the first three in the next scan, are Topps cards from Japan.  Specifically listed as Kanebo cards.  I think these are my first Kanebo cards in my Red Sox collection.  That is what makes the Zippy Zappings so great is finding stuff like that in them that can only be found in Japan.
Here are the rest of the cards.  Among the highlights are minor league cards of Xander Bogaerts, Travis Shaw (who has turned into a nice player for the Brewers), Will Middlebrooks and Anthony Ranaudo.  And then there is Henry Owens who has washed out as well.

Thanks a lot for the package Kenny!


  1. Glad you got a kick out of the cards. Just know that the Floyd is a silver parallel and pretty much one of the only silvers I was able to find.

  2. Yeah, it took me some looking to figure that one out. Thank you very much.

  3. No problem. Just know that the blurbs written in Japanese are direct translations of the English blurbs.