Monday, March 18, 2019


I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get this.  I placed an order for the autograph version of the Red Sox postseason Topps Now set back in early October.  I got the World Championship set back in like December, but still had not received this one until last week.  So here is the basic set, and I will get to the autograph card tomorrow:
No real huge surprises with the player selection there.  Brock Holt and Ian Kinsler are mildly surprising, though I am thrilled both were there.  Kinsler will go down as a one-year wonder and Holt is a big fan favorite.
And here are the rest.  I am a little surprised at Nunez being there.  I feel it may have made a little more sense to get a bullpen guy or two in the set.  Someone like Matt Barnes, or even better, Ryan Brasier would have been welcome additions.  I'm just glad the set finally arrived.

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