Saturday, October 27, 2018

Topps Now Postseason Bonus #1

A couple of days ago I showed off the Topps Now Road to Opening Day bonus card.  Recently, I also purchased the Topps Now Postseason team set for the Red Sox.  I have not received that set yet, but there was the possibility for bonus cards from that set as well.  There are not as many different possibilities because the Road to Opening Day set extends into the postseason.  The only possible bonuses are if the team advances a level.  Well, Boston is in the World Series, so there will be at least two.

Here is the first one:
This card celebrates the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the ALDS three games to one.  We have Andrew Benintendi front and center, Mookie Betts at his right shoulder, and Steve Pearce at Benintendi's left shoulder high-fiving someone else.  Pearce is kind of an odd situation in my collection.  I now have four cards of him, and every one of them is a Topps Now card.  He has a few more Topps Now cards out there.  He has yet to appear in any traditional set with the Red Sox.  I thought he would be in Update, but he is not.

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