Monday, October 8, 2018

Lin Minis

It took self-restraint to not title this post Lin-is.  It would have been stupid.  And so I did not do it.  But now I am telling everyone about the stupid near-title.
I found an Ebay seller over the weekend selling a bunch of 2013 Bowman Chrome mini colored refractors.  He had two Lin cards and I needed them both.  That was not tough since I only had the base and the regular refractor.  Well now I have the Xfractor and the Green Refractor.  I also have one other coming from another seller that popped up that same day.

I still need the following Bowman Chrome Mini parallels: Black (SN25), Blue (SN99), Gold (SN50), Orange (SN15), Purple (SN5), Red (SN10), Super (SN1), and all four printing plates.  I have a ways to go.

I am now up to 63 Tzu-Wei Lin cards.

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