Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Biggest Lin Addition So Far

This is the Finest Red Refractor auto and it is serial-numbered 1/5.  This is the biggest Lin addition to my collection so far.  I paid a very pretty penny for it, but it is a massive addition to my collection.

I am down to just needing three more of these to get the Finest rainbow.  Of course they are all very rare cards: Orange Wave (SN25), Red Wave (SN5), and Superfractor (SN1).  Looking at past Ebay sales, only the Orange Wave has popped up there so far.

And now, I am up to 67 Lin cards.


  1. Always good to nab a single digit serial number. Congrats!
    Also does Breakdown of Sanity count as a metal band?

    1. I'm not familiar with the band, which gives me a theory about their genre.

      After a quick perusal of their music, I would call them "metalcore" which is a fusion genre of metal and hardcore. Some bands fit in better with the metal genre, others are closer to hardcore. I would place this band in the latter category.

    2. I see. So they're closer to punk than metal. Guess that explains why they showed up in my recommended feed then.