Thursday, October 18, 2018

Lin Mailday: Red Ink

A couple of days ago I mentioned that a couple of rare autos have popped up on Ebay.  This was the second one:
This is the Red Ink Framed Auto from Allen & Ginter.  This is the last of the A&G auto variations I needed.

Tzu-Wei Lin will appear in Topps Update, though only with an autograph.  I am not sure how to feel about that.  I am thrilled that he has new cards, but I was hoping that they would not all be autographs.  I wanted to see him in the base set or an insert since they have a set celebrating players from around the world (An International Affair).  Gift Ngoepe appears in that set, despite playing just 41 total Major League games so far.  Lin should have been in this insert like he was in the A&G insert set World Talent.  At least he has new cards coming.

There was a Lin sighting in the dugout of Game 4.  With Eduardo Nunez coming out of Game 3 early, maybe the team is bracing for the possibility that he will have to come off the active roster.

Here we have a selection from Finnish black metal band Azaghal.  It does not matter that I can't understand a word they are saying (because it is in Finnish, not because I can't hear the lyrics), the band is one of my favorite black metal bands.

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  1. Awesome red ink!
    The riffs by that band you posted sounded eerily similar to a song by the band Converge.