Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another Topps Big League Blaster

Here we go again.  These are fairly inexpensive and there are still a lot of Red Sox left to get.  So, I decided to pick up another one.  I am probably not going to be getting too many more of these.  I am not having much luck with the blue cards.  I have not gotten any so far.  I also have not pulled any of the Weekend Nickname Variation cards.  I do still need the Tzu-Wei Lin base card though.  And it would be great to get one of the parallels of him too.  So maybe more blasters after this.

Below is the updated wantlist from Topps Big League.  Let's see if we can knock any of these out:

2018 Topps Big League: Mookie Betts SK, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Roger Clemens ATG, Rafael Devers, Craig Kimbrel SK, Tzu-Wei Lin, Pedro Martinez ATG, Dustin Pedroia, Rick Porcello, Chris Sale SK, Chris Sale SK, Chris Sale SK, Chris Sale SK, Ted Williams ATG

2018 Topps Big League Players Weekend Nickname Variation: Andrew Benintendi, Mookie Betts, Rafael Devers

Up first is the cut-out green parallel.  This time I made sure it was not Aaron Judge:
Mike Trout Green (Angels: 1)

And for the blue pack:
Matt Harvey (Mets: 1)
Francisco Lindor (Indians: 1)
Chris Sale/Ervin Santana/Justin Verlander (Red Sox: 1/Twins: 1/Astros: 1)
Clayton Kershaw/Max Scherzer/Stephen Strasburg (Dodgers: 1/Nationals: 1)

Well, I finally pulled a Red Sox card from the blue pack.  Not bad.  I already pulled a Matt Harvey blue card in the last blaster, so that is annoying.

And next for the actual packs:

Mikie Mahtook (Tigers: 1)
Joe Panik (Giants: 1)
Jorge Alfaro (Phillies: 1)
Freddie Freeman (Braves: 1)
Felix Hernandez (Mariners:1)
Sean Newcomb (Braves: 2)
Logan Forsythe (Dodgers: 2)
Hunter Renfroe (Padres: 1)
Bryce Harper Ministers of Mash (Nationals: 2)
Nelson Cruz Gold (Mariners: 2)

Hey, the Padres make a rare appearance.  I am really good at pulling Nelson Cruz cards.

Zach Britton (Orioles: 1)
Christian Yelich (Brewers: 1)
Brad Miller (Rays: 1)
Andrew Stevenson (Nationals: 3)
Sandy Alcantara (Marlins: 1)
Justin Hays (Orioles: 2)
Frank Thomas (White Sox: 1)
James McCann (Tigers: 2)
Aaron Judge Weekend Players Nickname (Yankees: 1)
Aaron Judge/Jose Altuve/George Springer (Yankees: 2/Astros: 2)

Oh man, here it comes.  This is going to be one of THOSE blasters.

Anthony Rizzo (Cubs: 1)
Stephen Strasburg (Nationals: 4)
Justin Bour (Marlins: 2)
Brad Ziegler (Marlins: 3)
Justin Smoak (Blue Jays: 1)

I like the Ziegler photo and I love the Canada Day uniform on Smoak.
Ernie Banks (Cubs: 2)
Jose Ramirez (Indians: 2)
Ernie Banks Statue (Cubs: 3)
Buster Posey Caricature (Giants: 2)
Aaron Judge Gold (Yankees: 3)

Yep, that's three Aaron Judge cards so far.  I am cursed.

Brandon Woodruff (Brewers: 2)
Anthony Rendon (Nationals: 5)
Johnny Bench (Reds: 1)
Carlos Correa (Astros: 3)
Tzu-Wei Lin (Red Sox: 2)

YES!  Now that is exciting.  That is the first ever Lin card I have pulled from a pack.  #10 in my collection so far.
Orlando Arcia (Brewers: 3)
Daniel Murphy (Nationals: 6)
Brandon Drury (Yankees: 4)
Aaron Judge/Khris Davis/Joey Gallo (Yankees: 5/Athletics: 1/Rangers: 1)
J.T. Realmuto (Marlins: 4)

That is now four Judge cards.  More than most teams.

Yolmer Sanchez (White Sox: 2)
Travis D'Arnaud (Mets: 2)
Ted Williams (Red Sox: 3)
Jeff Samardzija (Giants: 3)
Reynalo Lopez (White Sox: 3)

Classic Williams pose.  Nice bubble on Sanchez.
Matt Harvey (Mets: 3)
Zack Cozart (Angels: 2)
Joey Votto/Matt Carpenter/Kris Bryant (Reds: 2/Cardinals: 1/Cubs: 4)
Ernie Banks Statue Black & White (Cubs: 5)
Tyler Saladino Gold (White Sox: 4)

And that is it.  Let's get a look at the updated team totals:
Chicago Cubs: 25
New York Yankees: 24
Boston Red Sox: 22
Seattle Mariners: 18
Houston Astros: 17
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos: 17 (1 Expo, 16 Nationals)
St. Louis Cardinals: 16
Cleveland Indians: 14
Los Angeles Dodgers: 14
Texas Rangers: 14
Chicago White Sox: 13
Milwaukee Brewers: 13
Baltimore Orioles: 12
Kansas City Royals: 12
Toronto Blue Jays: 12
New York Mets: 11
Detroit Tigers: 10
Oakland Athletics: 10
Philadelphia Phillies: 10
Colorado Rockies: 9
San Francisco Giants: 9
Atlanta Braves: 8
Cincinnati Reds: 8
Los Angeles Angels: 8
Miami Marlins: 7
Minnesota Twins: 7
Pittsburgh Pirates: 7
Tampa Bay Rays: 4
Arizona Diamondbacks: 2
San Diego Padres: 2

Man, what is the deal with the Padres and Diamondbacks?  This is nearly 300 cards and only two of each of those teams.  I kind of get it with the Padres, but the Diamondbacks have Goldschmidt and Greinke, two major stars.  The Cubs maintain a small lead, but the Red Sox fall back behind the Yankees, on the power of four freaking Aaron Judge cards.  

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