Monday, June 29, 2020

Topps Now Future Award Winners

Last year, Topps Now had some online-only award winner predictor cards, which if the player won, would entitle the card holders to a special 10-card set of the player depicted.  Unfortunately, no Red Sox won awards, so none of these cards paid off, and that is not terribly shocking given who these players are:
1.  Darwinzon Hernandez.  He never came close to the Rookie of the Year Award, despite having some decent numbers.  I am not arguing that he should have received consideration, but he had a decent year.  He did not receive a single vote.

2.  Nathan Eovaldi.  Eovaldi was probably the furthest from winning the award he was predicted.  Injuries greatly impacted his season, keeping him out of the rotation and limiting his effectiveness.  Eovaldi did not receive a vote.

3.  David Price.  Price at least was not an out-of-left field choice, although he has not been as good in his time in Boston.  Price did win the Cy Young Award in 2012 and came in second in 2015.  He had good seasons in 2016 and 2018 for Boston, but 2019 was derailed by injuries.  He did notch good strikeout totals, but in only 107.1 innings.

There are several more cards out there that I still need to track down.  None of the Red Sox players won the award, but it might be worth seeing if this is something Topps does each season from now on.  I like the idea.


  1. Nice cards.
    My guy Matt Boyd has a Cy Young card from the set. Got it earlier this year.

  2. That seems to have been a stretch as well.