Saturday, May 23, 2020

Manager Autographs

I can imagine it would be fairly disappointing to pull a manager autograph as the big hit in a break.  Managers do not typically have a big following, so selling or trading the card would be somewhat difficult.  There are exceptions of course.  I suspect even a manager autograph of someone like Don Mattingly would have a market.  This is because he had such a huge following when he was a player.  But someone like John Farrell, who managed the Red Sox during the 2013 World Championship season, probably does not have much of a market.  So I can imagine the seller of the below card might have been somewhat disappointed with this pull:
I was perfectly willing to shell out a few bucks for this one.  I think it is kind of interesting to have a manager autograph card.  This one will look good next to my Don Zimmer relic card.


  1. So when are you going to add a Bobby Valentine MGR auto to your collection?

  2. Actually I would if there were any available for the Red Sox.