Sunday, December 25, 2016

Super Trader Group Anyone?

I missed out on this trend last year and wanted to see if anyone out there would like to work out a mutually beneficial agreement.  I like to buy packs but I don't like having all the clutter from cards that I will likely never look at again.  Ideally I would like to find one person per other team.

The way this would likely work would be that exchanges would be done once a month or so.  I would send out packages of cards to people with each other team and they would do the same for everyone in the group.  I don't expect people to send out really high-end cards.  I doubt anyone would want to part with a 1/1 patch auto of Mike Trout for example.  But most other cards would be reasonable.

Anyone interested?  Email me or comment here and let me know which team you would be interested in.  This is a commitment of time and money (postage, the cards, etc.), so please be serious about committing to it.

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