Friday, December 9, 2016

A Medallion from Nolan's Dugout

Here is a one-card mailday from Kyle of Nolan's Dugout.  He posted some Topps Debut Medallions as tradebait recently.  I had a bunch of his set wants so I made an offer for a trade for this awesome Hanley Ramirez Medallion.  Hanley Ramirez was a prospect that I collected a lot when he was coming up through the minor league system.  I found almost all of the Topps 205 mini variations, some autos, bat cards, and printing plates.  He made his Major League debut in late 2005 and played in just two games, had two at-bats and struck out both times.  After the season, he was traded to the Marlins in a deal that brought Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell to Boston.  He turned into a star with the Marlins, winning the Rookie of the Year in 2006, winning a batting title, and going to three All Star games, while being a 30/30 player.  He spent several years in Florida, then moved to Los Angeles, then returned to Boston.  He had a rough first season in Boston in 2015, but in 2016 he hit .286/.361/.505 with 30 home runs and 111 RBIs.

I am seeing a lot of parallels with Yoan Moncada who was just recently traded for Chris Sale.  And I am reminded of why I don't spend a lot of time chasing after prospects.  Hanley Ramirez was the first prospect that I really got attached to.  And it was a lesson.  I did not get that big into Yoan Moncada's stuff, and I am glad I did not.  Who knows?  Maybe Moncada will be back some day too.  Hanley was.

Thanks Kyle!

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  1. And thank you as well Brad. I really enjoyed the stack you sent my way.