Monday, December 5, 2016

Christian Vazquez In Action

Just a one-card mailday from Saturday.  But it was a pretty good one.  This is the action image variation of the Christian Vazquez card.  The regular version is just a profile shot with a bat over one shoulder.  Vazquez is a terrific defensive catcher, but his hitting has yet to come around.  Catching is a concern going into 2017.  As things currently stand, breakout player Sandy Leon will be the starter and Vazquez the backup.  But no one knows quite what to expect out of him.  He slumped badly down the stretch and he has never played anything close to as well as he did coming out of the minors last year.  Vazquez needs work on his hitting.  And of course Blake Swihart is still around.  I suspect by the end of the year, Swihart will be the starter with Vazquez as backup.

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