Saturday, December 3, 2016

A PWE from the Dime Box

I sent some cards to Nick of the enormously entertaining Dime Boxes blog recently.  He returned the favor, even though there was no discussion of a trade, and sent some random Red Sox cards in a PWE, many of which I actually did not already have.  I am always appreciative of people sending cards.

But first, something interesting on the envelope:
That's right, a Ted Williams stamp.  That's the kind of attention to detail I love to see.  The envelope was packed with some very interesting cards.  The Jim Rice card actually came in a different package, but the rest were all from Nick:
I can't decide which of the cards is my favorite between the Wil Cordero and the Luis Rivera.  The Cordero is a parallel from the team-centric Score sets of 1997 and are fairly difficult to find.  The Rivera is from the 1990 Score/Pepsi Red Sox set.  I am getting close to completion on the 1991 set, but the 1990 set is harder to find.  Nick must have been paying attention at some point because I have talked a lot about needing those Score/Pepsi cards.  The other cards are parallels I still needed and a Starting Lineup card of the massively underrated Dwight Evans.  There were a few duplicates in the PWE but the majority were cards I needed.

Thanks Nick!


  1. I thought I remembered you talking about those Red Sox Pepsi cards before, glad you enjoyed everything! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to slap a Ted Williams stamp onto a Red Sox-themed PWE.