Saturday, April 30, 2016

Walmart Marketside and More Randomness

This is largely a catch-up post.  I received several small packages over the course of one week that really did not deserve a full post by themselves.  So I am going to throw them all together into one and talk about each card a little, maybe.

1.  David Ortiz.  I feel like I don't really have that many relics of Ortiz.  I am quite positive that that is not really true.  But I just don't focus much on relics anymore.  They are nice to add, but I don't frequently go out of my way to find them.

2.  Alex Hassan.  I suppose I will count this as a Major League card.  He is not pictured in a Red Sox uniform (this is his college uniform), but it does list him as playing for Boston.  The issue is that this is likely as close as it gets for Hassan to have a card with the Red Sox.  Hassan's Major League career so far consists of three games with the Red Sox in 2014.  He had a hit and a walk in nine plate appearances.

3.  Kendrick Perkins.  Perkins was a 6th round draft pick by the Red Sox in 2010.  He was a raw talent, but the problem with raw talents is that they don't always develop.  And that's what happened to Perkins, who never made it past A-ball and was released after 2014.

4.  Mo Vaughn.  I like these Totally Certified cards, more than the regular certified cards.  These somehow slipped my awareness in the late 1990's, or maybe they were too expensive.  No matter.

5.  David Ortiz.  This is one of the Marketside cards found in Walmart pizza boxes.  I bought one of the breadstick boxes, but did not pull any Red Sox (there are two: Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia).  I traded one of the cards for this Ortiz.  If anyone has the Dustin Pedroia and wants either Bryce Harper or Miguel Sano, let me know.

6.  Shane Victorino.  Victorino is always going to be remembered for his role in the 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox.  Unfortunately his last two seasons for the Red Sox were riddled with injuries and ineffectiveness.

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