Monday, April 18, 2016

A Couple of High-End Red Sox Hall of Famers

I have not been getting quite as many autographs and game-used cards these days, but there was once a time when that was a major focus of my collection.  A lot of the reason for that is the fact that there just are not as many relics and autographs out there anymore, due to the fact that there are really only two companies still out there.  Relics and autographs were also over-produced for a time, which lead to a loss in value and in variety.  Typically my view on these things these days is that I like to pick up the new players available, occasionally some stars, and of course I won't turn them down in trades.  With that being said, I still like to get Hall of Famers and past legends.  Which led me to these two cards in this post.

Up first is this Luis Tiant:
I really like the Prizm set.  I really wish they had a Major League license, because this is a very nice-looking card.  It is a picture of Tiant that has not been seen before on cardboard.  One of my favorite things to do these days is to watch old baseball games that I was not alive for, and as part of that I watched some of the 1975 World Series games.  Tiant was definitely an interesting player to watch.  His pitching motion was extremely deceptive.  Tiant really should be a Hall of Famer.

And next is Jimmie Foxx:
This is my third bat card of The Beast.  Foxx was Boston's first real power hitter since selling Babe Ruth.  Foxx held the team record for home runs in a season until David Ortiz broke it in 2006.  Foxx hit 50 home runs in 1938, but oddly did not lead the league because Hank Greenberg hit 58.  Foxx did lead the league in RBIs and batting average that season though and his 175 RBIs is still a Red Sox team record.  Foxx broke into the league as a catcher but was moved to first base fairly quickly, or at least that was the perception.  In actuality, the most games he played at catcher came toward the end of his career in 1940 when he played in 42 games as the Red Sox catcher.


  1. I too wish Panini had a license... Topps needs some competition. Nice pick-ups!