Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Opening Day and Gypsy Queen Breaks

Here are my Red Sox cards that came in my latest blaster boxes of Opening Day and Gypsy Queen.  Needless to say, the Opening Day break was better than the Gypsy Queen break:
I really like the Eduardo Rodriguez card, but that is probably due to the fact that I have not seen the base Topps card yet.  The Ortiz insert is probably the best card I picked up and celebrates the fact that Ortiz is just 16 doubles shy of 600.  Ortiz is currently #17 on the all-time doubles list.  It is very possible that he could settle in at #11.  The Top 10 seems just out of reach, unless he can hit more than 40 doubles.  He has two as of the time I am writing this.


  1. So far I've picked up,all this years card issues as team set purchases.

  2. I would do that but I just love opening packs.