Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hall of Famers, Stars, and More

Kind of a minor trade here.  Nothing too exciting:  
1.  Mo Vaughn.  I often think about what Mo Vaughn's career might have looked like had he stayed in Boston.  Would he have been injured as often?  He almost certainly would have moved to DH at some point.  At the time that he left Boston, he was 30 and had a career slash line of .304/.394/.542 with 230 home runs and 752 RBIs.  He could have had a career similar to David Ortiz's.  It is no secret that he hit better at Fenway Park than anywhere else.  

2.  Juan Pena.  Pena won his first two Major League starts in impressive fashion.  Unfortunately that turned out to be it for Pena's career.  Injuries kept him from ever making another start.  That is a big shame.  

3.  Rusney Castillo.  At the time that I am writing this, it has been announced that Castillo will not start the season as the regular left-fielder and will be benched in favor of Brock Holt.  I don't agree with this move.  Castillo showed signs of breaking out last year and Holt's value is tied mostly to his versatility. 

4.  Babe Ruth.  Ruth's Major League debut was very impressive.  It is common knowledge that Ruth started his career as a pitcher but it is odd to think about it all the same.  He was a pretty good pitcher too and his career ERA still ranks fourth on Boston's all-time list.

5.  Ted Williams/Bobby Doerr.  This card celebrates the two times fellow Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Bobby Doerr hit back-to-back home runs.  

6.  Rusney Castillo.

The next two cards were supposed to be in the package from Burbank.  They were not originally sent in that package but were sent later:
7.  Rick Ferrell.  Ferrell is often mentioned as one of the worst Hall of Famers, but he was a pretty decent hitter.  He just didn't have much power.  In fact his brother had ten more home runs than Ferrell in 5,000 fewer at-bats.  His brother was a pitcher.  I do still think Wes should be considered more carefully for the Hall of Fame.

8.  Manny Ramirez/David Ortiz.  Now this is a pair that deserved a Back to Back insert.  Ortiz and Ramirez were a force in the 2000's.

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