Monday, January 4, 2016

El Tiante and Some Random Cards

Coming back from Christmas, I found a couple of packages in my mail box.  I bought both of these items on Ebay a week or so before, but for some reason completely forgot about them.  I know, weird that I would forget that I had cards coming in.
I love this jersey card of Luis Tiant.  I never got to see him pitch as I was not born yet, but he is still one of my favorite players to get cards of him.  I want to see him in the Hall of Fame someday.  These jersey cards were actually quite rare.
These cards I bought from one seller on Ebay.  I wanted the Olerud and figured I would add some other stuff as well.  I like the Cespedes because there are so few cards of him with the Red Sox.  Same with the Craig.  Jackie Bradley Jr. is just a ton of fun to watch on defense.  I always liked Pacific cards because they made a lot more lesser players, hence we have Butch Huskey, Paxton Crawford, and Sang-Hoon Lee sightings.  And of course I have always loved food issue oddballs.  I didn't even know this card existed.

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