Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bowman Draft Jumbo Pack

I was in my hometown last weekend and had a chance to stop by the card shop that I used to frequent when I lived there.  There was not a lot of selection of Red Sox singles there at the time, so I decided to pick up a Bowman Draft jumbo pack.  I was not expecting much because another customer bought a pack while I was there, opened it and pulled the Andrew Benintendi autograph card, so I knew there was not a great chance of getting a Red Sox auto.  I don't typically go for Bowman Draft because I prefer cards of players who are already playing with Boston.  But I get some stuff anyway.  I was pretty lucky, I got these two cards of Austin Rei and the Chrome card of Andrew Benintendi.  I would have preferred the autograph, but this is fine.  Rei was Boston's third-round pick and is largely known for his defense as a catcher, though he did hit a little in 2015.  Benintendi was the 7th overall pick and is already high on Boston's top prospects list.  Let's hope he does better than their last 7th overall pick, Trey Ball.

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