Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Trades

A couple of quick trades from the old forums here today.  I have been pretty busy at work these past few days, trial scheduled for tomorrow and all.  But anyway, here we go:

Up first was a trade that got me a couple of dufex parallels and inserts from 2005 Zenith.  I love these cards and am always on the lookout for more.
1.  2005 Zenith Artist's Proof Tim Wakefield.  I love cards of the knuckleballer.  He could be maddening to watch when that knuckleball was not knuckling, but he was such as important part of the team for so long.

2.  2005 Zenith Artist's Proof Wade Boggs.  Boggs was a hitting machine.  And he was my first favorite player.

3.  2005 Zenith Positions David Ortiz/Todd Helton/Albert Pujols.  I don't really understand this card.  You would think it would be three players that played the same position, but Ortiz really is not a first-baseman and the National League doesn't have the DH.  I don't get it.

4.  2005 Zenith Z Team Curt Schilling.  I saw Schill on TV tonight.  He has gained a lot of weight.  And he is kind of annoying.  But still, Game 6 of the ALCS and Game 2 of the World Series in 2004 have a way of making up for all of that.

After that was a big trade that got me quite a bit of good stuff:
5.  2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Black Border Carl Yastrzemski.  Nice mini here of Yaz.  I have been reading a book about the Red Sox lately and Yaz's preparation for games was unmatched during his time.  He was not blessed with as much natural talent as others, but he certainly worked hard.

6.  1982 Topps Sticker Mark Clear.  Clear was a major reliever for the Red Sox in the early 1980's and was an All Star in 1982.

7.  1982 Topps Sticker Carney Lansford.  Before Boggs, Carney was the team's third-baseman and won the batting title in 1981.

8.  1982 Topps Sticker Dwight Evans.  Evans could be on the Veterans' Committee ballot this Fall.  Hopefully he will get some more consideration than he got on the BBWAA ballot.  He really was one of the best players of the 1980's, a decade that is getting very little love.

9.  1989 O-Pee-Chee Sticker Dwight Evans/Don Robinson/Mark Davis.  These are interesting.  The Davis picture is on the back.

10.  1989 O-Pee-Chee Sticker Bruce Hurst/Cal Ripken Jr.  This is what the backs of these things look like.

11.  2013 Topps Archives Day Glo Ted Williams.  This was the card that set this whole trade in motion.  I love getting cards of The Splendid Splinter.

12.  1995 Fleer Update Jose Canseco.  Canseco, on the other hand, not as much.  But as a Red Sox fan, I have to get everything.

13.  2009 Upper Deck Starquest Gold Rare Dustin Pedroia.  Pedroia got his contract extension yesterday.  Well-deserved if you ask me.

14.  2009 Upper Deck Starquest Gold Rare Josh Beckett.
15.  2009 Upper Deck X Xponential Dustin Pedroia.

16.  2009 Upper Deck X Xponential Jacoby Ellsbury.

17.  1996 Collector's Choice Gold Signature Mo Vaughn.  The Hit Dog was another early favorite player of mine.  After Boggs left for the Yankees, Vaughn became the team's best hitter.

18.  2012 Bowman Chrome Refractor Carl Crawford.  It's nice to see him playing well again for the Dodgers.  But I am disappointed he never played this well in Boston.

19.  2012 Topps Chrome Refractor Kevin Youkilis.

20.  2012 Topps Chrome Refractor Jacoby Ellsbury.

21.  2012 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor Adrian Gonzalez.  Gonzalez's one full season in Boston featured an All Star selection, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger.

22.  2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor Ryan Lavarnway.  His chances of becoming the starting catcher are starting to dwindle I think.  Especially since Boston appears loaded at catcher in the minors, thanks to Christian Vazquez, Dan Butler, Blake Swihart, and Jon Denney.

23.  2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor Will Middlebrooks RC.  I will always remember Middlebrooks fondly for the two home runs he hit in the game against the Royals I attended last year.  Jose Iglesias is starting to struggle, so Middlebrooks may be back up soon.

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