Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unknown Heroes Pt. 15: Devern Hansack

I chose to consider Hansack here because I really did like the player, and he was not really a prospect by the time he came to Boston. Hansack was a 28 year old rookie from Nicaragua in 2006 when he arrived in Boston. He made it into only two games that year, but his second game was in the last game of the season when he pitched a five inning no-hitter. Obviously it is not official, because the game did not go the full nine innings, but it was impressive nonetheless.

In 2007, he made it into three more games and in 2008 four more, but that has been it so far for Hansack. Unfortunately, he just never stuck. He had pretty decent stuff, but was never able to show it off for long in the Major Leagues. It did not help that he bounced around for so long before finally making the Majors.

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