Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busts Pt. 14: Javy Lopez

Sometimes, offseason acquisitions work out. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes, they are spectacular failures.

The Red Sox dealt with some disastrous injuries in 2006, not the least of which was to their starting catcher Jason Varitek. Doug Mirabelli was also having a bad year, so the Red Sox shipped former Husker Adam Stern over to Baltimore for Javy Lopez, who lasted all of 18 games with the Red Sox.

Javy Lopez, who once hit 43 home runs for the Braves, a mark he hit just three years earlier, was a complete disaster for Boston. Lopez hit .190/.215/.270/.485. What's more, he did not hit a single home run. Five doubles accounted for all of his extra base hits.

Defensively, Lopez was pretty bad as well. He allowed 15 stolen bases, catching only two in 18 games. He also allowed two passed balls.

Lopez was released just a month after being acquired when Varitek returned to the lineup.

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