Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2019 Factory Team Set

Mark Hoyle was extremely generous recently and sent me one of the packaged factory team sets.  I try to get these every year, but there are a few I am missing.

Here is this year's team:

Probably the biggest surprise from a player selection standpoint is Topps using both primary catchers.  Sandy Leon and Christian Vazquez are here.  Typically with just 15-20 cards, they don't use two spots for catchers.  Leon and Vazquez played in close to the same number of games though, so I guess it makes sense.  Another interesting note is the near total lack of relievers.  Matt Barnes is the relief pitcher here.  A card of Ryan Brasier would have been welcomed. 

Thanks Harry!


  1. Wow - a rare Sandy Leon card! Outside a couple of Heritage sets, he hasn't really shown up in any retail sets. Maybe he'll finally get a base card in Series 2!

  2. Glad they made the trip west safely. Go Sox