Thursday, February 16, 2017

The 30th Anniversary of the Wood Paneling Set

I really liked the 1987 Topps set.  It was one of my first handful of team sets for my Red Sox collection and it is easily one of the most distinctive sets in Topps history.  So I was definitely interested when I heard that Topps would be doing a lot of insert sets using the 1987 Topps design.  This trade included a number of those cards.
1.  David Ortiz.  Well this is the only one without the wood paneling design.  Ortiz won the Hank Aaron Award last year with his outstanding season at the plate.  It is good to see we will still be getting some Ortiz cards early this year.

2.  David Price.  This is one of the cards only available in promo packs.  As I do not have a local card shop any more, I was particularly excited to add this card.

3.  Xander Bogaerts.  Something about this photo seems off.  The uniform seems photo-shopped, but I cannot figure out why that would be.

4.  David Ortiz.  See?  Lots more Ortiz cards.

5.  Dustin Pedroia.  Nice action shot of Pedroia turning a double play here.  Pedroia remains one of the best defensive second-basemen in the game.


  1. These were well done. Nice insert

  2. I wasn't too keen on that wood look at the time, but it looks better now.