Monday, January 9, 2017

The Name Has Been Changed For Protection

I received a Christmas package from a blogger recently, who we will call Mr. KM, because he has done something against the rules of a certain cardboard giant.
This is a Topps Custom Card, done on the Topps website, which is mainly there for people to make cards of themselves or their family.  Mr. KM has used it to make a card of a player who has no Red Sox cards, Kim Andrew, which is against their rules for obvious reasons.  Andrew was a member of the 1975 Red Sox, but his Major League career lasted just two games.  He was 1 for 2 and played second base.  He has no cards, except now this one.  Mr. KM has been paying attention and knows of my particular obsession with players without Red Sox cards.  Andrew was on that list for the 1975 season, and technically still is.  But I can now add him to my collection.

You know who you are Mr. KM.  Thanks so much.  Your identity is safe with me.

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