Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another High Tek 'Tek

There are not many Jason Varitek cards I still need out there.  They are getting hard to find, and expensive.  A few Varitek cards were released in 2016, including his appearance in High Tek, with a number of parallels.  Here is the latest:
This is the Diamond Pattern.  There are still a number of other parallels out there.  I have only picked up a few Varitek cards.  I am considering stepping up my efforts on Varitek, but not to an insane degree.  I like having him at #1 in my collection.  He spent his entire Major League career in Boston and was my favorite player for years.  I am proud of my Varitek collection and I love adding to it.  


  1. Do you have a separate want list for Tek?

  2. Not particularly, but I have a separate have list. Basically, I want everything Red Sox that is not listed there. No minor league, Team USA, or WBC stuff.

    1. Why doesn't Tek have Topps cards before 2007?
      Topps 2004 Postseason Highlights 45 has a nice catch of him in the background.

    2. At the time, Topps did not have a blanket agreement with the MLB to produce cards (which is why former replacement players (Brian Daubach and Lou Merloni for instance) from the strike only appear on Topps cards). So Topps had to sign individual contracts. Some players held out, like Varitek. In 2007, Topps got the blanket agreement with the Players Association.