Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mailday Roundup: Thanksgiving Break with Very Old Vintage

I did not have a chance to pick up my mail for several days.  And so when I got to the office Monday morning, I had a pile of packages.  I wish every day could be like that.  And away we go:

Up first is a real old vintage card that I picked up on Ebay for cheap after doing the pre-WWII portion of my wantlist.  I wanted to see if I could find something for less than $10.00 and I did:
This is a 1919-1921 W514 card of Everett Scott, the terrific defensive shortstop for the Red Sox in the late 1910's/early 1920's.  Scott was not much of a hitter, but his defense was far and away better than other shortstops of the time period.  The artwork leaves a little something to be desired here, I am not sure how close it is to looking like Scott, but I am not going to turn down a card this old.  That is likely to be my next big project is picking up as many cheap, pre-WWII cards I can find.

Up next are a couple of Heritage cards of pitchers currently with the team:
The Steven Wright is the chrome black refractor.  My Wright collection has slowed a bit, but that is more due to cards drying up than anything.  And the next card is a relic of Rick Porcello, the AL's 2016 Cy Young Award winner.

The next several scans are the 2016 and 2015 Topps mini cards and I am not going to go into detail.  This post is long enough as it is.  The first card is the red parallel of Koji Uehara and it is serial numbered to just five.  It is also the primary reason I worked out this deal.
And last, but not least, this is a minor league card of Matt Stairs with the New Britain Red Sox.  I got the idea after purchasing a bunch of minor league cards of guys that never appeared on cardboard with the Boston Red Sox.  Stairs is one of the players that bothers me the most, so I decided one day to just look.  And here it is:
So, that's it.  Lots of good stuff.  The Scott is my favorite of course and joins my Tubby Spencer T206 and my Moe Berg 1940 Play Ball.


  1. Any day you can add a pre-WWII card to your collection for less than an Alexander Hamilton flash card is a damn good day!

  2. Nice grab on the Scott. You can usually find some deals on the pre war strip cards.

  3. Congrats on the vintage. I've yet to add a card that is (or could potentially be) from the 1920's.