Saturday, November 13, 2010

Underrated Seasons: Nick Esasky 1989

Nick Esasky only played one year for the Red Sox, but it was a great year. It was the best year Esasky ever had, or would ever have, and that may have been why it went largely unnoticed.

Esasky was acquired by the Red Sox along with Rob Murphy for Todd Benzinger, Jeff Sellers, and Luis Vasquez, none of whom made any significant impact on the Reds. Murphy was a decent pickup for the 1989 season, but struggled in 1990. Esasky though, was a huge pickup for Boston in 1989.

Esasky played 154 games, the most in his career. He achieved career highs in nearly every category, including hitting 30 home runs and driving in 108 runs. His slash line was .277/.355/.500/.855, and he was a decent first baseman. He was worth 3.4 WAR. And for all of that, Esasky finished 18th in the MVP voting, garnering 19 total points.

Esasky left Boston as a free agent after the year and signed with the Braves, but he only played in nine games for the Braves on a three year contract and was forced to retire due to vertigo.

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