Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goodbye Victor Martinez


Victor Martinez is off to Detroit. He was a valuable pickup for the Red Sox at the trading deadline in 2009 and gave them a good year last year. Unfortunately, the team seemed to have cooled on him when they realized his defensive abilities were declining rapidly. His bat is fine, but he could not throw out runners. That said, now Boston must find a way to replace his offense.

I never totally warmed up to Victor until just recently either, as he moved my favorite player Jason Varitek into a backup role. I knew it was better for the team, but it still stung a little bit.

Next year's catching situation will be interesting. They have Saltalamacchia still, but he has not yet proven himself to be a starting catcher, though he does have high upside and is still just 25. I suspect he will be the starter and Jason Varitek may be brought back in a backup role to guide Saltalamacchia along. We'll see.

Hey, at least we have some more draft picks. No way does Boston not offer Martinez arbitration.

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