Friday, November 12, 2010

One-Card Wonder Pt. 3: Chris Nabholz

For whatever reason, sometimes I am only able to find one card of certain players. To be considered a One-Card Wonder, a player must have been active since 1991 (when I started paying attention).

I am pretty sure this is the only Red Sox card of Chris Nabholz in existence. Nabholz was supposed to be a rising star with the Expos in the early 1990's. He never really developed into the kind of pitcher he was supposed to be though. The Expos traded him to the Indians before the 1994 season for two minor leaguers who never panned out.

During 1994, the Indians sent Nabholz and Steve Farr to the Red Sox for Jeff Russell. Nabholz only pitched in eight games with Boston, going 3-4 with a 6.64 ERA and 23 strikeouts in 42 innings and 29 walks. The Red Sox non-tendered him at the end of the season and he caught on with the Cubs for 34 unimpressive games in relief.

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