Thursday, November 4, 2010

News and Notes

Well the offseason is getting under way, and a few of my predictions have already started coming true, according to this. Admittedly, these were the kinds of predictions a near-sighted slow loris could have predicted, but still.

ADRIAN BELTRE: Beltre turned down his $10M option. If Boston is going to bring him back next year, they need to offer multiple years at a higher base salary.

DAVID ORTIZ: Boston picked up his $12.5M option, meaning he will be with the team next year. They delayed a decision about his long-term future until next year.

SCOTT ATCHISON: As predicted, Boston picked up his option bringing him back to the bullpen where he was somewhat solid, but mostly nondescript.

FELIPE LOPEZ: Boston turned down his option. His time with the Red Sox was quite brief.

BRENT DLUGACH: The 27 year-old minor league shortstop was acquired in a trade from Detroit for a player to be named later or cash. This is likely just to fill some space in AAA, a la Tug Hulett last year. If Boston is desperate for shortstop help at some point next year, then he might merit a call-up.

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