Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Elephant in the Room

I have been avoiding talking about this on the blog and in real life.  I am absolutely crushed that Boston traded Mookie Betts.  I knew it was coming, but I still felt unprepared when it happened.  And with the somewhat unexciting return it was even worse.  Alex Verdugo is a fine player, but he's no Mookie. 

Oh well, I survived when Wade Boggs signed with the Yankees.  I survived when Roger Clemens signed with the Blue Jays.  I survived when Mo Vaughn signed with the Angels.  I survived when Nomar Garciaparra was traded to the Cubs.  I will survive this.  Time to pick a new favorite player.

By the way, this card was sent randomly by the Zippy-zapper himself.  Thanks Kenny.


  1. Even though I'm a Yankees fan I dislike this move from a baseball fan standpoint because giving the Red Sox a license to cry poor shouldn't be allowed. They obviously have the money to re-sign Mookie to whatever extension he wants and also pay off the luxury tax penalties (which aren't as big as they're portrayed to be, especially when Boston's capable of printing money).

    That said, it looks like the deal's hitting a snag because of Graterol's status. Time's ticking before we end up with an awkward situation where the players in limbo have to report to a camp that's trying to trade them.

  2. I'm actually glad we got Verdugo. You're right, he'll never replace Mookie straight up, but I think he has All-Star potential. Part of me is holding onto the hope the Red Sox will try to sign Mookie back once he hits free agency. Bradley and maybe Martinez will be gone then, so they'll need another outfielder...