Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Super Collector in Me Pt. 1 (Beware, Lots of Scans)

Everybody knows I am a big Red Sox fan.  What they may not know about is my gigantic player collection which makes up a part of my Red Sox collection.  

I have been a Jason Varitek fan since the time he was acquired.  I have always liked catchers and Jason Varitek was a very good catcher.  He was a good hitter and very good behind the plate.  As time went on, Varitek became a highly valued member of the team for his excellent game-calling and solid defense.  He was a leader on the team, a fact which did not escape notice of the front office.  His intangibles lead him to a very good four-year contract after the 2004 World Series Championship and a big red "C" on his chest.  Varitek, though drafted by the Mariners, spent his entire Major League career with the Boston Red Sox.  He would have looked strange in any other Major League uniform.

I started the focus on Jason Varitek cards after the 2004 World Series.  Suddenly every member of the team's cards were a little pricey.  Varitek's cards increased in cost too, but not to the same degree as David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, Curt Schilling, or others.  Relic pieces were also becoming much more interesting at the same time.  I wanted as much as I could get, but I decided to settle for getting the really high-end cards of just one player: Jason Varitek.  The rest of my Red Sox collection slowed down for a few years while my focus was on the one player, but I did still get as much as possible.

My Varitek collection was always a little difficult to get going.  Topps did not make any Varitek cards with the Red Sox until 2007 due to a contract dispute.  If it had, I would have well over 1,000 cards by now.  As it is, I have 875, about 20 cards more than the next highest (Nomar Garciaparra).  Included in that number is a bunch of team cards which I will not bore you with.  I have a number of autographs, bat cards, jersey cards, 1/1s, printing plates, and more.  My Varitek collection includes a bat barrel nameplate, a letter off an All Star jersey, two button cards, four MLB logo cards, and much more.

I have thoroughly enjoyed collecting Jason Varitek cards.  Even though he is no longer playing and I do not add cards as quickly any more, I still keep my eye open for more cards of him.  And I always will.  

Now, after the break, I have provided something special.  I have scanned the entire Jason Varitek collection, minus the team cards.  Be warned, there is a lot of stuff there.

Here it is.  Enjoy.


  1. Now THAT is a player collection. Very cool!

  2. HO-LY CRAP! That is beyond impressive. I've only got maybe 4,000 Sox cards TOTAL so far, what a player collection!