Monday, June 17, 2019

Blue Lin

For some reason, a lot of rare Lin cards have been popping up.  Maybe people are thinking he is not going to be a star, which I never expected him to be, so they are unloading their cards.  No clue, but I am reaping the benefits.
This is the Father's Day Powder Blue parallel from Topps.  Not many of those Topps parallels are left for me to get.  I think there is the Purple parallel, Vintage Stock and of course the Platinum one.  I would not think the Purple and the Vintage Stock would be that tough to find, but here we are.  The Platinum is a 1/1, so that one will be difficult.  I still have the printing plates to go as well, but putting together the Mother's Day, Father's Day and Memorial Day cards is pretty exciting. 


  1. The purples were Toys R Us exclusives and, as far as I know, were never released. The set came out around the time TRU filed for bankruptcy. Truth be told I'm not even sure if Topps ever made them.