Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Raffy Big Stick-Heavy Mailday

Over the weekend I received two packages that I have been waiting on.  Obviously over the last several months, my collecting has been focused on Tzu-Wei Lin.  These packages were focused on one particular player, but it is not Lin.
One set I have not picked up anything from yet this year is Panini Chronicles.  I have not seen packs anywhere and Lin is not in the set.  But one player who is in the set A LOT is Rafael Devers.  There are about 20 different insert sets in Panini Chronicles, almost every single one has Devers in it.  So there are a lot of new Devers cards this year.  In fact, I checked and there have been over 1,200 new Devers cards this year.  I am not going to be collecting him other than in my Red Sox collection.    This is the first of two Ebay lots from the same seller containing six of the Devers Panini Chronicles inserts.
And here is the second package.  That is 12 new Rafael Devers cards, putting me up over 60 in my collection.  Devers was a little disappointing this year, but I still have high hopes for him next year.  He did hit 21 home runs as a 21-year-old. 

I received one more package over the weekend, this one a separate trade:
And even that one contained a Devers card.  13 new Devers cards.  The rest of the cards are wantlist hits, actually all of them are.  The most interesting one here, apart from the Devers, is the Doug Fister.  Fister pitched in just 18 games last season with the Red Sox, but had some damn good games.  Look for him in a One-Year Wonder post.

Still more stuff to come.

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