Thursday, April 13, 2017

Donruss Jumbo Pack Break

It was late at night on Saturday and I had to go get something from the local-ish Walmart, so I bought some cards against my better judgment.  I gave it a shot, but was not optimistic.  It was a 30 card pack, so I should have been able to get one card, but I have not had much luck lately, and I certainly have not pulled anything that was not base.  Yet this is what I pulled:
2017 Donruss The Rookies Andrew Benintendi.  This is the first non-base Red Sox card I have pulled from a pack this year.  And the fact that it came from a 30 card jumbo pack is that much better.  Benintendi had a big three-run home run on Opening Day and is the favorite coming into the season for the Rookie of the Year.  I am fairly happy with this.