Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One-Card Wonder Pt. 24: Scott Schoeneweis

I just got this card and rather than do a post about receiving it and then later doing a One-Card Wonder post, I figured I would just get it out of the way now.

This is another oddball card, like the Royce Clayton card from a few days ago.  This is from the ongoing Jewish Major Leaguers set that gets updated seemingly every couple of years to reflect new players and team changes.  This one is from 2014 and reflects Schoeneweis's final season in the Major Leagues when he suited up for Boston in 2010.  This is very likely to be the only card of Schoeneweis with the Red Sox as he did just pitch in 13.2 innings over 15 games.

The left-hander was a middle reliever, who are frequently underrepresented in sets, had a short stint with Boston, and frankly was not all that good.  He struck out 13, walked 10, and ended up with an ERA of 7.90.  It was a pretty forgettable season.  But I love getting cards of as many players as possible, particularly from the years I have been watching the team, so when I realized this card existed, I had to get it.

I love the Jewish Major Leaguers set.  It is a great source of history of players who otherwise do not get a lot of attention, because it is devoted to covering all Jewish players, and not just the big stars like Sandy Koufax, Hank Greenberg, and Shawn Green.  I have cards in my Red Sox collection of Gape Kapler and Adam Stern.  I keep meaning to look into getting some others as well.

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