Monday, February 29, 2016

My First Strata Card, and More

Keeping going with a bunch of recent trades, I had a recent package of stuff come in on Friday with a lot of 2015 cards that I needed.  Unfortunately I am not making much headway on my wantlist.  Only one of the following 11 cards was on my wantlist.
Here is the first batch, with a Coco Crisp parallel leading things off, as he often did for the Red Sox in his three years with the club.  Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury are the subjects of cards celebrating their first home runs, both with Boston obviously.  Then there are various cards of Matt Barnes, Brock Holt, and Rick Porcello to round things out.
The Brock Holt All Star Access card is the card that knocked a card off my wantlist.  Holt was Boston's only All Star in 2015 and stole a base in the game.  After that we have cards of Rookie Sensations Dustin Pedroia and Ted Williams.  I still think Sandy Alomar Jr. should have been in this set.  Then there is a Mookie Betts card.  Betts is quite possibly going to break out into a Top 5 player in the game this season.  And finally we have the promised Strata card.  Strata is a bit out of my price range for buying boxes.  But getting a card in a trade is much cheaper.  This is a fairly decent sized jersey piece and an on-card autograph of Rick Porcello.  Not a bad card, hopefully Porcello will pitch better this season.

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