Monday, March 2, 2015

Massive Just Commons Mailday

I was recently in the mood to add a bunch of cards to my Red Sox collection.  I decided I would see if I could knock a bunch of stuff off of my want list the cheap way, by going through Just Commons.  It was a good decision:
I loved the Panini Golden Age set in 2013, but I never really managed to get the cards from 2014.  Cy Young and Dom DiMaggio were the only Red Sox representatives in the base set, both players that are somewhat rare, making them nice to see on occasion.  I love the John Burkett photo blowing the bubble.  I also really like the shot of Newman.  Nice camera angle, not something seen very often.
Here we have a really horrible aftermath of a swing by Tim Naehring with Wade Boggs watching in the background.  Otis Nixon is one of my favorite one-year wonders and there are several cards of him in this purchase.  We have a nice action shot of a bunt attempt in progress and a more familiar running shot done horizontally for some reason.  Valentin is making a nice backhanded play in the Select card as well.
Mo Vaughn always seemed like kind of an affable guy.  Always seemed to be having fun, such as in this dugout shot.  Knowing Jose Offerman, he probably misplayed this ball.  Then we have a double dip by Naehring, who appears quite a bit in this purchase as well. 
The 94 Upper Deck is probably the best shot of Naehring I have yet seen.  It is nice to see a little vintage, particularly of the 1975 variety.  These were some of the cards I wanted the most from that set.  It is kind of rare to see a real action shot of Bob Stanley for some reason.  Then we have kind of an interesting dugout shot of Darren Bragg.
Here we have some terrific shots from 2014 Stadium Club.  I have wanted the Mike Napoli hoisting the World Championship trophy for some time.  Pedroia is turning a double play while wearing the camo uniforms.  I have not seen these on a card yet.  I am thrilled that Masterson is back in Boston.  This and the two Buchholz cards are from 2008 Upper Deck Timelines.  I am getting closer to completion of that set.

Fleer Metal Universe is one of the most quintessentially 90's sets of all time.  We also have a nice stretching shot of Otis Nixon and a rare card of 94 backup catcher Rich Rowland.

And finally Cliff Floyd and Daniel Nava make appearances.  I am not sure I want to know where Nava's hands are.

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