Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Congratulations Pedro Martinez! (And John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, and Craig Biggio)

We have for new Hall of Famers today, two of whom have had some time with the Red Sox.  I liked Biggio and Johnson, but since this is a Red Sox blog, Smoltz and Martinez are the big names.  Smoltz spent just a small part of his career with the Red Sox and was not terribly impressive, but hey, it was his last season and he definitely deserves this.

But Pedro Martinez will likely make it into the Hall of Fame wearing a Red Sox cap on his plaque.  So, he is definitely the highlight here for me.  So because of that, I am showing off my favorite Pedro Martinez card in my collection.

As for the other Red Sox:

-Curt Schilling actually increased his vote total, as did Roger Clemens

-Nomar Garciaparra stays on the ballot, getting just over 5% of the vote

So there you go.  Some day, I will dig out a bunch of my Pedro Martinez cards, and I have a lot, over 600 in fact.