Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week in Review: July 15-July 21

The week started off reasonably well with a win in the final game of the Rays series, and taking three out of four from the White Sox.  Then the Blue Jays came to town and the Red Sox seem to have massive problems with them.  The Jays won the first two games of the series to close out the week.

Jon Lester's terrible season continues as he looked horrible against the White Sox.  Josh Beckett and Aaron Cook also had trouble with the Blue Jays.

The week started promisingly enough with Carl Crawford being activated from the disabled list finally and Dustin Pedroia came back later in the week.  Brent Lillibridge and Mauro Gomez were jettisoned to make room for them.  Crawford contributed three stolen bases in the loss to the White Sox.

Cody Ross hit three three-run home runs over the course of the week and could be named Player of the Week for the AL.

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