Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catching Up...Again, Also a Zippy Zapping

I have not posting very much lately.  I have been very busy with work and Boston has been depressingly bad of late.  But I need to catch up and I need to show off the latest Zippy Zapping.
Up first is some random stuff from a few packs, a small trade and Topps online exclusives.  The first card is a Ted Williams from a Throwback Thursday release.  These have not been as good to Boston fans as the Topps Now cards, this was the first Red Sox card to be released from it.  The second card is another David Ortiz Topps Now, this one celebrating the home run that took him past Ted Williams.
These are some cards rounded up from some more trades.  Nothing massively exciting.  The Victorino is numbered out of 50.  Andrew Benintendi remains one of Boston's top prospects.  He could be called up soon given the struggles of Boston's other left fielders.

And next is the package from Kenny, the Zippy Zapper himself.  
As usual, Kenny's package contained a little vintage, a lot of prospects, and some other randomness as well.  Up first is another Benintendi, followed by a 1974 Topps card of Don Newhauser, who had a short career but was very good in his rookie season of 1972.  Reed Reilly was the seventh round draft pick in 2014 but has already been released.  Jon Denney too has been released after being a third round pick.  Michael Kopech is rapidly becoming one of Boston's top prospects.  His velocity has been clocked at over 100 mph as a starting pitcher.  He needs to get his head on straight, but he could be a decent starter.
And here are some more cards from Kenny.  Austin Rei was Boston's third round pick from last year and is an impressive defensive catcher, though not much with the bat.  Manuel Margot was part of the trade for Craig Kimbrel.  Rafael Devers is one of Boston's top prospects with the top power potential in the system.  Finally, the best card from the package is an autograph of Boston's first round pick from 2014.  Chavis has been slow to develop but is starting to come around now.  I still don't personally see him as more than trade bait for Boston, but he is hitting.

Thanks for the package Kenny.
And next we have a pile of cards that were acquired in trades.  Most of these were cards on my want list.  It is nice to add some Travis Shaw cards as he has become a decent regular for Boston.  A bunch of these guys are minor leaguers without a lot of chance at making it as big leaguers.  But there is another Benintendi and Devers card in there.  Rusney Castillo has become a very expensive bust.  William Cuevas has actually been up and down with Boston this year, appearing in three games.
And some more from that trade, featuring another Shaw and some random holes in my collection.  The final card in the scan is just the second Red Sox card to come out of the Throwback Thursday series, this one a 1959 Topps All Star design of All Star Game starter Xander Bogaerts.
And finally, we have one more trade featuring a nice rare Dustin Pedroia card, numbered to 88.  And then a bunch of All Star Topps Now cards.  I was hoping they would cover everyone named to the All Star team, because I have still been looking forward to my first Red Sox card of Steven Wright.  I suspect he will show up in Topps Update.  He better.  It is about time.


  1. Woof, that's one heck of a card haul. Makes the cards I sent look paltry (which it always was I guess). Anyway, now I've been able to successfully send you autographs of the first two players drafted by Boston from 2014. Congrats.

  2. That is true. Kopech, in particular, could be a very good player.