Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Some Gypsy Queen and A&G Needs

I don't know why it has taken so long to finally start knocking some of these cards off of my wantlist.  It seemed like last year nobody ever wanted to trade on the forums.  It was frustrating.  But now for some reason I have been finding myself adding a bunch of the cards that I couldn't last year.

Today, I knocked the rest of the non-SP base cards from Gypsy Queen and a few A&G cards off of my wantlist:
I really like the photo on the Bogaerts card.  Gypsy Queen is not really known for terrific photography, but that Bogaerts is awesome.  The Gomes is a pretty decent shot too.  Player selection is important to me as a team collector, which is why I love the fact that Nava has been getting into more and more sets in 2014.  He may not show up as much in 2015 thanks to a little bit of a decline in 2014 but it is nice to see him frequently.

A&G has been eluding me for some reason.  I did get a few here, but there are still several more.  I like seeing Fisk and Nomar in the set, although the increase in Nomar cards likely means that Jason Varitek's days as my largest Red Sox player in my collection are numbered.  Nomar is a little close for comfort.  Maybe Varitek will make it into Archives this year.  I am not really holding my breath though. 

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