Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Welcome Back to Boston Hanley Ramirez and Welcome Panda

Yes, this printing plate is mine.  I bought a bunch of Hanley Ramirez cards when he was in Boston's minor league system.  I was pretty excited about the guy.  Then he was traded.  While I love that Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell were instrumental in helping Boston win the World Series in 2007, I was disappointed that it cost them Hanley Ramirez.  It was worth it, it was just disappointing, especially when Ramirez was winning the Rookie of the Year in 2006 and neither Beckett nor Lowell were playing particularly well.  It paid off in 2007.  Now, Hanley is back and I am excited to see what he can do.  Hopefully he stays healthy.

Boston also signed Pablo Sandoval.  I advocated acquiring him several years ago, so I am happy they got him.  Sandoval will play third base and may eventually replace David Ortiz at DH.  Ramirez looks to be moving to left field.


  1. I sort of like both moves but with no #1 or #2 starter on the roster at the moment I sort of question why they need 14 different outfielders on the roster. Still plenty of off-season to go though, if they sign Lester or sign or deal for another 1-2 guy then I take back what I said!

  2. I also agree. They definitely need pitching. I would love to bring back Lester but they will have to make some trade, and I hope they do not move Betts or Bogaerts.